D & D Crop Service, LLC​

Crop-Hail Insurance Plans

MPCI and revenue protection policies protect you against losses that significantly lower your whole farm's average yield, but Crop-Hail insurance can give you acre by acre protection in whatever dollar value you choose.

We write Crop-Hail insurance policies through three different companies: Farmers Mutual Hail, Great American, and Rain & Hail.  You can be sure you're getting a competitive rate from whichever company you choose.  

Benefits of Crop-Hail Insurance policies we offer include:

  • Almost immediate coverage - coverage starts as soon as the application is faxed to the home office
  • Full coverage policies, as well as deductible policies - you can buy what's right for you, on whichever fields and crops you want
  • Competitive rates
  • Specialized adjusters
  • Fast and fair claim service
  • Coverage until December 31 on all crops
  • Covers direct losses to crops caused by hail, fire or lightning, vandalism, and malicious mischief
  • Covers crops in transit to your first place of storage, fire department charges, and stored crop coverage over the winter (at no additional charges) if renewed by December 31
  • No mandatory replant clause - you choose a replant payment or take the loss
  • Set your own level of crop protection, regardless of actual cash value
  • Buy the protection you need in the spring, and pay the premium in the fall
  • Value per acre policies protect you in the spring - before you are even done planting