Multi-Peril Crop Insurance Plans

Revenue Protection plan

The Revenue Protection (RP) plan provides protection against a loss of revenue caused by price increase or decrease, low yields, or a combination of both.  This coverage guarantees an amount based on the individual producer's APH and the greater of the projected price or harvest price.  

Revenue Protection with the Harvest Price Exclusion (RP-HPE) is similar to RP, but only provides protection against loss of revenue caused by price decrease, low yields, or a combination of both.  The revenue guarantee is based on the "projected price" only, while the production to count is valued at the "harvest price."

yield protection plan

The Yield Protection (YP) plan provides coverage against a loss in yield due to unavoidable, naturally occurring events.  YP guarantees a production yield based on the individual producer's APH.  


Whole-Farm Revenue Protection (WRFP) insurance provides coverage against the loss of revenue that you expect to earn, or will obtain from commodities you produce or purchase for resale during the insurance period under one insurance policy. WFRP combines the Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR) and Adjusted Gross Revenue-Lite (AGR-Lite) pilot programs and provides additional enhancements such as:

  • A range of coverage levels from 50-85 percent to fit the needs of more farming and ranching operations;
  • Replant coverage for annual crops;
  • The ability to consider market readiness costs as part of the insured revenue and expenses;
  • Provisions to adjust the insurance guarantee to better fit expanding operations;
  • An improved timeline for farming operations that operate as fiscal year filers; and,
  • Streamlined underwriting procedures based on the forms used for WFRP.

price determination

Both the RP and YP plans use regional commodity exchanges to derive the "projected price" (used to determine the YP & RP-HPE guarantee, premium, replant payment, or prevented planting payment for the crop), and the "harvest price" (used to establish final revenue guarantee and to value production to count under the RP and RP-HPE plans.  

APH Plan

Actual Production History (APH) plans are available for a limited number of crops that do not have commodity exchanges.  APH plans provide protection against production losses to to natural causes with prices set by FCIC.  APH plans are available for oats, rye, flax, buckwheat, and forage production in the Eastern South Dakota region.  

Dollar Amount of Insurance plan

The Dollar Amount of Insurance (DO) plan is available for insuring Forage Seeding.  Coverage in dollar amount is determined by FCIC set prices, types and practices, and indemnities are based on the number of live alfalfa plants per square foot compared to county guidelines.

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